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Trust or truth?

QuotesPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-02-19 20:25:19
Luis Daniel Maldonado Answers to the question: "Trust or truth? "

QUOTE: "I would like to share an experience, along the last 17 years working as consultant, i have noticed that the psychology of trust have been abused.

Nowadays every highschool student is introduced to the ideas on how to create trust, and there for gain benefits.

Trust is my suggestion, need to be the result of a given time line, a series of events that justify it. Yet, as the trust psychology is known, there is no certainty those events are real or created as for purpose of deception.

Then truth, if one is able to find or perceive it, becomes essential need in the interaction with individuals and circumstances, along time.

If we know the ones we interact with, the field of work, the matter in discussion, then eventually trust would arise as result of a direct tangible verification of an honest self-expression, share of truth.

Yet for both trust and truth, perception and emotional intelligence are key. "

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