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The Golden Tree of Life Method

PublicationsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-04-19 22:04:02
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The following article has been created as a guide for the purpose of facilitating presentations on Primordial Technology Theta Methods and Trainings.

The article/presentation focus on the Golden Tree of Life Method (Systemic Perception Tool, Assessment Method)

The Tree is utilized as a symbol, as well its natural process of development, as a systemic perception tool.

The author/researcher along the article/presentation describes the method, the milestones, and provides an experience of the symbolic language that is utilized with it.

Case study, examples, will be made in relation to the PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) Methods : The 09 Elements & The Heart, the SWOT.9+, the Sleipnir Diary Method.

Additional examples will be briefly suggested as self-education tasks, in the following fields of application of the method: wealth-generation-ability (wealth-ability), strategic business management, coaching for self-management, culture development.

At the end of the presentation a chart will be suggested, for a simplified approach and use of the method.

This presentation need to be read with a series of video presentations by the researcher on the Golden Tree of Life.

The author suggests as well training programs - similar to the one provided to coaches, and business managers, leaders (at the LDMF Foundation) - to be provided for scientists, educators, researchers, in which the principles of strategic management are applied (integrated into the Primordial Technology Theta Methods suggested: See Publications on “Methods" by the researcher). Will suggest readers to engage into a self-education program, apply for a license and a Primordial Technology Theta Certificate, which gives to its users the eligibility status necessary in order to join the LDMF Foundation - as trainers, coaches, consultants, users and members of the users guild.

FIELD: Emotional Intelligence, Perception, Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Epistemology, Strategic Management, Matrix Thinking, Project Management, Self-Management, Bioinspired Methods, Strategic Business Management, Peace, Ancient Cultures, Myths, Archetypes.

LOCATION: Presentations are provided online and at the location The Netherlands.


The Golden Tree as Symbol

Organic Sustainable Development

Potential Human Development

The 09 Elements, SWOT 9+

Primordial Symbolic Language

Leadership, Marketing, Cocreation, Mission Statement & Culture

Completion, CGE, Experiential Learning

Evolution, 09 levels of Impact, Strategic Business Management

Wealthability - wealth generation

Matrix Perception, Matrix Thinking

The Golden Tree of Life Chart

The LDMF Foundation Guild & Label: Primordial Technology Theta Certificate

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