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Buy Epistemology : Matrix Thinking & Matrix Perception. Primordial Technology Theta Methods Applied on @Gumroad

PublicationsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-03-31 20:19:54
Buy Epistemology : Matrix Thinking & Matrix Perception. Primordial Technology Theta Methods Applied on @Gumroad


The following article has been created as a guide for the purpose of facilitating presentations on Primordial Technology Theta Methods and Trainings.

The article/presentation focus on the importance of emotional intelligence and perception for scientific research, as well on the use of primordial vectorial mathematics. In particular this presentation will be dedicated to matrix perception and matrix thinking.

The author/researcher along the article describes briefly cases in which emotional intelligence and perception are necessary, and how matrix thinking and matrix perception is paramount for the purpose of scientific research, technology innovation, strategic management.

Briefly the author/researcher will refer to the method: “The 9 elements and the heart” utilized as a systemic perception tool, that if combined with the matrix 9+ assessment tool, creates a complex and efficient tool for assessment based on matrix thinking and matrix perception, and application of primordial vectorial mathematics. (REF: “The 9 Divine Worlds - The Art of Primordial Mathematics “ Vectorial math by the same author)

After describing how Matrix Thinking, Matrix Perception and Primordial Vectorial Mathematics has been useful for the researcher along his own research work (case study, "The Nordic Star”, “The 9 Elements & The Heart”, the researcher will focus on the nature of Matrix Thinking and Matrix Perception, elaborate in some examples, will focus on Scientific Research and Strategic Management topics.

The author suggests as well training programs - similar to the one provided to coaches, and business managers, leaders (at the LDMF Foundation) dedicated to emotional intelligence, perception, matrix thinking, matrix perception, primordial mathematics and primordial technology theta methods.

FIELD: Multidisciplinary, Epistemology, Method, Perception, Emotional Intelligence, Scientific Research, Assessment, Matrix Thinking, Matrix Perception, Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, Primordial Symbolic Language, Systemic perception, Objective and conscious management of the subjective and subconscious self, Parallel thinking, Multidimensional Thinking, Lineal Thinking, Strategic Thinking, Biohacking, Nature Inspired Methods, A.I., Biotechnology, DNA Algorithm, Strategic Business Management, Self-Management, Leadership, Governance, Culture, Innovation Technology, Economy, Wealth generation, Education, Arts, Materials, others

LOCATION: Presentations are provided online, at the location The Netherlands. Other locations only under request.


Background statements

The Nordic Star Theta. Matrix 9+, 9 Elements & The Heart

Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, Matrix Perception, Parallel Perception, Unidimensional Perception

Scientific Research, Scientific Method

Peer Review, Scientific Community/Network Collaboration

Strategic Management & Innovation Technology

Futurist review, conclusions, ethics.

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