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How many emotions can experience a human being ? Does the number of them vary according to culture ?

EnquirePosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-02-21 08:22:58

ENQUIRE: Is a project by the LDMF Foundation. How questions can change our perception ?
We have questions, do you have answers?
By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

How many emotions can experience a human being ?

Does the number of them vary according to culture ?

How can one verify if the word assigned to one emotion in one culture means the same experience for another one ?

An example: When in extremely emotional leader initiates a quick start activity in phlegmatic? or any other type of emotion

The example touches directly the field of research and suggests indirectly why risk management needs to evolve with the topics of perception, emotional intelligence, self-knowledge and self-management.

1. The individual, if perceived by its own organization, community or culture, can we warned, on the nature of his/hers/its behavior, leadership. The warning may help the individual, person or A.I. on the potential consequences or implications.

2. The individual, may be capable of self-knowledge, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, perceive without blind spots the impact or effect of leadership style and nature of own decision making. Maybe for example as leader learned on own traits and created a protocol of security, based on a predicted behavior and risk management, that brings it to review of choices and process every season or 9 days. But maybe this individuals has not that kind of self-management protocol implemented.

3. A.I. will one day be able to simulate emotions, but as for my suggestion in this question, according to A.I. culture and how the A.I. programers defined emotions, A.I. in general will develop a new type of " emotions" not known yet by any human culture.

4. With the new A.I. to be developed based on DNA, and organic vessels, it will be possible, if cognition is used, to make possible "real" emotions, according to the complexity of the organic A.I. organism, to experience them and use them, yet the reality of this technology is the same as that of the general idea of A.I. above (3).

5. How many multicultural teams we have. The emotional complexity of a multicultural team cant be predicted by studies of emotions in single countries. Where teh leader in your example comes from, culture, the organization culture and the team culture. A foreign leader, with a multicultural team, living in a third type of culture country with different A.I. able to practice emotions, would be a complex territory.

There for i think it is essentially important to develop more knowledge and understanding on emotions, self-management and emotional intelligence. Applications for risk management.

Still, may search on the number of emotions and a method to register, observe them, identify them and process necessary to describe them is my next step

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