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Project Presentation & Volunteer Call for Research Project : Study of “perceptions”, "misperceptions" and blind spots in scientific research, in the scientific community and in applications of the research results, along the history of science. Development of Solutions”

Volunteers CallPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-02-18 21:15:10

Project Presentation & Volunteer Call for Research Project : 2017.02.16.004

Research Project :

“ Study of “perceptions”, "misperceptions" and blind spots in scientific research, in the scientific community and in applications of the research results, along the history of science. Development of Solutions”


Philosophy of science, scientific method, risk management, emotional intelligence, perception, strategic management, history of science peer review, prediction

How to know if this volunteer program is for you?

If you wish to help the scientific community to learn from its past and create a new future.

If you wish to advance your ability to recognize “perceptions””,"Misperceptions"and “Blind Spots”.

If you wish to learn on the history of science.

Project Background:

The researcher, has provided services as consultant, coach and trainer since 1999, and is dedicated to the study of ICT since 1983, and of science and its history since 1993. Since 1997 is dedicated to the practice of futurism, applied to science and technology innovation, and to know how advancements in the fields of leadership, strategic management and governance that have an impact in the development of a global culture and civilization in peace.

Social science as well as natural science have a not so long history. History has been registered.

There are many cases in the history of science, in which the scientific community did engaged into an agreement and based on it developed applications out of scientific research results. Later, history will proof that the results were not complete, not accurate, wrong, or did lack of foundation or had “blind spots, misperceptions or perceptions used incorrectly”.

The advancement of scientific research and innovation in technology, experiences an exponential curve.

The idea of a singularity to be reached, as a predicted outcome, make us aware of the need of accuracy in the art of prediction and risk management.

For that reason the legacy created by misperceptions, blind spots, or lack of correctness in the scientific research, there for in the application of scientific research results, will create an impact with an exponential force that may create a damage of an not predicted dimension, unless risk management.

The experience of error, discovered late in time, give us the impression that science have been acting based on belief without knowing.

This particular fragile condition of the stability of the scientific research reality "has been becoming apparently more stable every 10 years", while, it is the intent of this research to find out if this perception is true.

Project Goal:

Study of “perceptions", "misperceptions" and blind spots, in scientific research, in the scientific community and in applications of the research results, along the history of science, that have created a damaging or destructive impact for individuals, organizations, governments, cultures or civilizations.

As well of those events that damaged the image of science and the "trust" the scientific community and not scientists have in the scientific research.

Presentation Content

The theory behind this research project:

There can be always found a legacy, in terms of "perception" and patterns for decision making, that are carried generation after generation.

When the blind spot becomes a legacy, the results are not avoidable.

It is possible to identify the "culture/perception generation engine" that created that legacy (perception, agreement, emotional approach to particular topics of experiences) and implement an adjustment through the design of another "culture/perception generation engine".

How the volunteers program will be managed?

Volunteers Conditions:

Apply and become eligible for volunteer work in Research Field. (Participate in Volunteer evaluation)

Volunteer Agreement for a Research Project.

Participate in the Training Program, and group coaching.

Reports and answers to questions.

Qualifications: Not mandatory. Students, Start ups, Entrepreneurs, Single Parents, Professionals any field are welcome to apply.

Age: 18 - 54 year old. Male or female.

Location: Eurasia, America, Australia, Nordic Countries. (Online Volunteer)


Training, coaching and reports will be done online.

Gamified Volunteer Program

Volunteers Commitment:

At least 3 hours per week/ 81 days or more.

At least one season or up to 9 seasons (1 season = 81 days)

Volunteers Tasks Examples:

Complete gamified training units: Online Research, History of Science, The 9 families & The Primordial Art of Risk Management, Culture Generation Engines, Perception, Thinking out of the Box.

Apply the training in tasks of the research project. Utilize the tools provided.

Fill out a report on results.

All the work is done online.

Participation Rules:

If eligible, the volunteer will start a trial program of 3-9 weeks.

If eligible, benefits will increase with the accumulation of points and volunteer units. (Certification)

Participation cancellation is possible every 27 days.

Benefits For Volunteers:

Trainings & Group Coaching.


Volunteers that complete the 9 seasons (9x81 Days) will be eligible to become candidates for an evaluation program. After evaluation they may receive certification on the training program. The evaluation process means application in the field, through a real project.

Application Process:

Skype session.

We will verify if the candidate has the conditions necessary in order to join the program.

Write us an email for more details: research[at]

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