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Project Presentation & Volunteer Call for Research Project: Study on the sustainability of love relationships based on the impact the hormonal changes experienced along menstruation cycle creates in a love relationship. Development of Solutions: The roles of perception and emotional intelligence in the process of advancement of the tangible ability of sustainable wealth generation. Development of Solutions

Volunteers CallPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-02-18 14:15:20

Project Presentation & Volunteer Call for Research Project : 2017.02.16.003

Research Project : The roles of perception and emotional intelligence in the process of advancement of the tangible ability of sustainable wealth generation. Development of Solutions

Field: Wealth, Profit, Strategic Management, Culture Management, Money, Property, Human Potential, Self-Management

How to know if this volunteer program is for you?

If you wish to develop skills that will enhance your ability of wealth generation.

If you wish to advance your perception and emotional intelligence on profit, property, money and wealth generation.

Project Background:

Since 1999, the researcher has provided coaching, training and consultancy for leadership, strategic business management and governance with focus on self-management, emotional intelligence, human factor and human potential.

Year 2015 the researcher publishes the e-book & e- Training: “Wealth Ability” or “The Primordial art of Wealth Generation” dedicated to the advancement of perception and emotional intelligence for the purpose of development of skills necessary for sustainable wealth generation.

Project Goal:

Find "perceptions" on the value and purpose of money, wealth, property and profit, legacy of culture (global culture, national culture, religion culture, family culture, corporate culture)

Compare results between cultures, and find distribution.

Identify culture generation engines (REF: LDMF Foundation research on Culture Generation Engines) associated with those "perceptions".

Develop a gamified training program, assessment tools, score card, coaching tools, dedicated to advance the perception of "wealth, money, property and profit" and enhance the potential ability of wealth generation.

Establish a relationship of influence emotional intelligence has in the development and sustaining of a "perception" in the individual; as well as in the ability of strategy design, risk management and decision making; regarding wealth generation, money, property and profit.

Presentation Content

The theory behind this research project:

The individual, collective, organizational or governmental ability to generate wealth vary according to the perception utilized on: wealth, money, profit and property.

By advancing the "perception" resident in individuals and collectives, the potential ability of wealth-generation will be enhanced as well.

It is possible to design a "Culture Generation Engine" able to sustain a continues advancement of the perception on wealth, money, profit and money, that would benefit the development of a global culture and civilization.

How the volunteers program will be managed?

Volunteers Conditions:

Apply and become eligible for volunteer work in Research Field. (Participate in Volunteer evaluation)

Volunteer Agreement for a Research Project.

Participate in the Training Program, and group coaching.

Reports and answers to questions.

Qualifications: Not mandatory. Students, Start ups, Entrepreneurs, Single Parents, Professionals any field are welcome to apply.

Age: 18 - 54 year old. Male or female.

Location: Eurasia, America, Australia, Nordic Countries. (Online Volunteer)


Training, coaching and reports will be done online.

Gamified Volunteer Program

Volunteers Commitment:

At least 3 hours per week/ 81 days or more.

At least one season or up to 9 seasons (1 season = 81 days)

Volunteers Tasks Examples:

Complete gamified training units: Emotional Self-Management, The Primordial Art of Wealth Generation, The 9 families & The Primordial Art of Risk Management.

Apply the training in daily life. Utilize the tools provided. Participate in Group Coaching.

Fill out a report on results of training and application..

All the work is done online.

Participation Rules:

If eligible, the volunteer will start a trial program of 3-9 weeks.

If eligible, benefits will increase with the accumulation of points and volunteer units. (Certification)

Participation cancellation is possible every 27 days.

Benefits For Volunteers:

Trainings & Group Coaching.


Volunteers that complete the 9 seasons (9x81 Days) will be eligible to become candidates for an evaluation program. After evaluation they may receive certification on the training program. The evaluation process means application in the field, through a real project.

Application Process:

Skype session.

We will verify if the candidate has the conditions necessary in order to join the program.

Write us an email for more details: research[at]

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