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The LDMF Foundation announces a research project on going, “ A futurist study on human potential: Matrix-Q and Eurasians. (Gamified Research Project) How human culture and DNA breeding can advance Matrix-Q Collective Intelligence Potential?”

ProjectsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-06-24 10:11:29

The LDMF Foundation announces a research project on going, “ A futurist study on human potential: Matrix-Q and Eurasians. (Gamified Research Project) How human culture and DNA breeding can advance Matrix-Q Collective Intelligence Potential?”

The project has been presented at the ResearchGate Network, (and several publications), questions and forum dialogue has started.


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Study of Human DNA Diversity (Breeding) & Matrix-Q Test Results ( REF: Matrix-Q Intelligence: Ability to solve issues by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously, LDMF Foundation PTT Know How)

The study focus on Eurasian Human DNA Breed: European and Asian breed (In the family tree of the subjects of study, has been found european and asian parents, binational parents for example), and their Matrix-Q

For purpose of study a search will be developed on notable, remarkable Eurasian individuals, and/or clusters, in the history of Eurasia. Collection of biographies. Matrix-Q Test.

Eurasian Volunteers will as well participate in a Gamified Study of Eurasians Matrix-Q: Use of games designed with the Matrix 9+ Game Generator PTT Tool, for the purpose of assessment of Eurasians. For example: The Matrix 9+ Multidimensional Strategy Board Game.

Eurasians Primordial Algorithms: Eurasian Scientists cluster participation in the game: The Primordial Algorithms. A pool of individuals or teams, with Eurasian DNA, that engages into Primordial Algorithm Design, study and application of PTT Tools for Primordial Algorithm Design. Matrix-Q.

Two main publications have been suggested as conclusion of the study:

Publication: 09 Levels of Impact of Eurasians in the sustainable development of Eurasia. A Matrix-Q History Report

Publication: Eurasians DNA, Matrix-Q & Human Potential (REF: LDMF Foundation, Human Potential Studies, 9+ Stages of Development)


Along the history of Eurasia, which is ancient as its cultures and civilizations, individuals with a mix of cultural and DNA origins have played a key role in the unfolding of historical events (sustainable development, political and cultural changes, military actions, science and culture).

While eurasians may have been perceived by traditional cultures as not-pure in their origin, for reasons of their DNA/Culture Breed an rejected or isolated. The natural reaction of eurasians have been to create, leverage, a place that welcomes their breeds.

Eurasians will have to work harder than "pure-blood" individuals in order to be recognized and “accepted" at their locations of origin.

Within this context, Eurasians have traveled and intended to create a life and recognition of their value at other locations. Their travels among Eurasia have been registered by local records or national, European or Asian Historians.

This research study is 3-Fold: 1.) Study of EURASIA as continent, with one single unified history and sustainable development challenges, its participation in a Modern Global Culture and Civilization, and the participation of Eurasians (Key Role play) in them. 2.) As well, Eurasians Matrix-Q correlation with their roles or remarkable abilities, played along the history of Eurasia. 3.) To finally integrate Eurasians in a direct study of their Matrix-Q through gamified Matrix-Q Tests (Primordial Algorithms Design, Matrix 9+ Games) integrated to the games and PA design process.

In modern culture a unique social phenomena has been observed, associated to the ability of a local culture to include eurasians; and the ability of eurasians to integrate themselves into their local cultures. A conflict, tension, between individuals with parents that belong to different cultures, blood lines, races of Europe and Asia, and the local “pure-blood” culture, has created a social dissociation issue, as well as another form of racism, for which binational breeding is perceived as un-pure or with less rights as citizen, even born in the same location.

The tension has been transferred from binational parents to their children, and to third and fourth generations or even longer.

This study intents to remark the value of DNA Diversity and cultural and DNA mix/breeding, as the soil for a new advanced human potential to be triggered or explored (Collective/individual matrix-Q). Human DNA Diversity increase through breeding of binational parenting,.

A futurist study on human potential, with the question on how human culture and DNA breeding can advance Matrix-Q Collective Intelligence Potential, and which methods can be utilized for the purpose of identification/activation of those skills, in particular how ramification can serve these aims. Given the fact of the EURASIA sustainable develop shows an intentional tendency of perceiving an Eurasian Union as a political and commercial strategy, eurasian individuals, breed of several ethnic and DNA sources from Europe and Asia, become natural citizens of Eurasia. The conflict of cultural and history references of the individuals is being solved, when eurasians bring together Europe and Asia with an enhanced Matrix-Q.


A Collaborative Joint Research Project has been announced at the Scientific Research Network RG by the LDMF Foundation dedicated to Eurasians.

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