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PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) Bibliographic Index 2017.001

PublicationsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-04-25 09:26:38
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PTT (Primordial Technology Theta) Bibliographic Index

The following publication has the purpose to support the student of PTT and Licensed Teachers and Users

of PTT into their self-study, research, technology innovation, know how development projects.

PTT publications has been made available to public since 2007. As result of the research, register of professional experience, know how development process, and futurist and humanist assessment of the author, researcher, consultant, coach and trainer.

The publications belong all of them to the same body of work. Focus according to publication series and seasons, into answering some questions or solving challenges, developing methodology or innovating in solutions, applications and know how.

Details on the questions and challenges, fields of research, know how developed since 1987 by the author, researcher, are available at the website of the LDMF Foundation:

How to utilize this index ?

Research Proposals, Research Projects Ongoing at the LDMF Foundation, suggests the use of PTT Methods, as well do refer to previous publications by the same author, researcher.

Presentations intent to suggest the links between books, research projects results (stages) and methods utilized, as well as to give examples on applications, solutions, and multidisciplinary perspectives of the methods.

Methods, describe PTT Tools and give examples for the application of them.

Books, describe a research process, a discovery or know how, its applications, or conclusions results of the author researcher studies.

Time Line

Since 2007 publications have been made at a self-publishing platform. later also made available at GumRoad, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Script, Youtube, in digital format. Media, Written, Graphic. The directory of official media resources is available at the e-Library Project of the LDMF Foundation.

The e-Library of the LDMF Foundation

The LDMF Foundation has created a Digital Library project, in order to make available not only the publications, to future generations, but as well facilitate an space for online study, collective reading, questions and answers, communication with the author, researcher

The EM900 Series

The Elements Management Standard, EM900, Know How Series, has been published through the self-publishing platform, and is now available at the e-Library of the LDMF Foundation.

More than 161 publications in digital format are available.

Now considered as chapters of the PTT Collection, by the author, researcher.

Between those e-books will be found:

Applications of Primordial Symbolic Language in story telling form.

Peace, Human Rights, Ethics, Economy

History, Biography, Ancient Cultures, Anthropology

Multidisciplinary Archeology, Travel & Culture Expeditions

The Art of War, Martial Arts

Strategic Management,


Personal Development, Yoga, Meditation, Performing Arts

Family, Love Relationships Sustainability

Futurism, Technology Innovation, Singularity

Global Sustainable Development

Methodology, Standard, Assessment, Analysis Tools

Training Programs, Workbooks, Self-Study Materials

Elements Management Know How Technical Publications

The PTT Series 2015-2017

The PTT series of publications between 2015 and 2017 made available as well at the Research Gate Network will be listed in this publication.

Not all documents have been listed in this index.

The author researcher will update every 81 days on his research work.

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