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The LDMF Foundation has published the SECOND BOOK on the 09 Elements, The Primordial Art of Assessment: EARTH, WATER & FIRE

PublicationsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-03-01 10:04:26
The LDMF Foundation has published the SECOND BOOK on the 09 Elements

The Primordial Art of Assessment, BOOK 02: In this second boo dedicated to the primordial art of assessment the author focus on decision making, perception, emotional intelligence, symbolic language and the elements: earth, water and fire. Following up and adding content to teh first book. In this book as well: the description of the assessment method: the 9 elements and the heart, including the gamification of the quantification of human value tool, utilized in order to describe the results of the assessment. The book is written in primordial symbolic language, a multilevel meaning language that utilizes metaphors based on perceptions of nature with emotional information (REF: The author publications and research on primordial archetypes and primordial symbolic language). The author, researcher, focus on the 9 elements, on the importance of perception and emotional intelligence. The method, is presented as well as a "resident culture generation A.I. engine" the researcher describes in detail in the last chapters. The book is an essential guide, for the application of the knowledge shared by the same author through his own publications on "Primordial Technology Theta" tools, methods, arts. For example: "The I Ching Theta, the book of the primordial changes", "The 9 Families, The Primordial Art of Risk Management", "The Sun, The Moon & The Heart, The Primordial Art of Co-creation on the menstrual hormonal cycle", "The Primordial Sounding Archetypes", "The primordial archetypes", "The water archetypes", "The journey of the primordial hero" and "The Tesseract Theta" will be suggested by the author as complementary references, as well as the research projects of the LDMF Foundation on human potential, human stages of development, culture generation engines, artificial intelligence, primordial symbolic language, ancient cultures

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