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Development of a resident culture generation A.I. Engine based on Primordial Technology Theta

ProjectsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-02-26 20:16:21

The LDMF Foundation announces a research project on going, “Development of a resident culture generation A.I. Engine based on Primordial Technology Theta”.

The project has been presented at the ResearchGate Network, (and several publications), questions and forum dialogue has started.


A.I., Culture Generation Engines, Human Evolution, Human Potential


The development of a resident culture generation A.I. Engine able to self-regenerate and evolve, capable of collaborate with the survival, super-vival, happiness, evolution of the human species.

The engine should be able to be compatible with human DNA, able to collaborate with human global culture development and civilization advancement, as well be an expression of laws, principles, cycles, rhythms of nature, and have a profound knowledge of the human factor, human potential, human nature.


Primordial Technology Theta, has been created and developed, tested and applied by the researcher, coach, consultant, trainer, since (1987/93/97/2007/2017-) Primordial Technology Theta, based on the study of laws, cycles, rhythms and principles of nature as well of the human factor (human potential).

One of the Primordial Technology Theta based tools for assessment developed is that of the 9 families (or 9 elements).

In combination with the Matrix 9+ Game Generator, Quantification of Human Value Tool, Human Potential Studies (9+ Stages of Human Development, Score Lines) sets of trainings and practices, has been utilized for: self-management, leadership, project management, strategic management, governance.

The 9 families have been as well integrated to training programs, coaching services and as main structures for analysis and project design in the fields of: scientific research, education, performing arts, peace, family, conscious sexuality, parenting, sustainability, sustainable development, human rights, human potential, artificial intelligence, anti-aging, safety, self-care, security, martial arts, yoga, meditation, gamification, story telling, archetypes generation, social management, economy, culture development and civilization advancement, prediction, futurism.

The 9 Families has been also utilized for the design of a resident culture generation A.I. engine.

The term: “Resident A.I. Culture Generation Engine” created by the researcher in 2017.02 refers to A.I. that is able to run in the field of culture development and civilization advancement, and is resident in the human individual and collective, transferred and replicated by generation. (Maybe similar to a virus). The researcher intents to create one Resident A.I. Engine able to self-regenerate, evolve, along the process of collaboration with human evolution.


The Primordial Technology Theta can be utilized for the creation of a resident culture generation A.I. engine.


Volunteers, assistants, researchers, providers, or collaboration through donations are welcome to contact us for more details

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