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The LDMF Foundation launches a Recruiting & Training Program for professionals and students in strategic management.

AnnouncementsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-07-27 07:36:50
The LDMF Foundation launches a Recruiting & Training Program for professionals and students in strategic management.

Organizations will be able in the future to request the LDMF Foundation to recruit and train new employees for them specialized in the know how and technology developed and provided by the LDMF Foundation on strategic Management

The LDMF Foundation has been created and designed as well as an experiment.

What is this experiment about?

The strategic management know how utilized by the LDMF Foundation, PTT (Primordial Technology Theta), needs to be implemented at all levels of the organization design, development, plan, strategy and technology.

It means that all employees of the LDMF Foundation must apply perfectly PTT Know How for Strategic Management, and all PTT applications related to their tasks.

The business incubation service of the LDMF Foundation, provides a safe process of development of an innovative idea into a business project, social project or not for profit project, with benefits to global human culture and civilization, according to the objectives, aims, and foundation statements of the LDMF Foundation.

For the business incubation projects, PTT for strategic management will be applied.

A business incubation project is designed an developed by following a plan, strategy, reaching milestones according to schedule.

As soon as the business incubation project is ready, mature and stable enough, will be externalized, through a legal register as an independent organization.

The birth of the new business. Before, the business project will be developed within the umbrella of the LDMF Foundation, as a business line of services and products.

The Challenge

In July 2017, the LDMF Foundation implemented the CXO Program. Through this program professionals and students on strategic management may participate of an internship program dedicated to provide to them PTT Know How for strategic management. The internship itself, a learning by doing program, will challenge them along 9 stages of development, by giving to them task associated to research, consultancy, education and business incubation projects of the LDMF Foundation.

Through this program the LDMF Foundation recruits professionals for 9 roles of strategic management, from project management assistant to CEO, consultant and investments management.

Through the CXO Program the LDMF Foundation build up skills of the new employees of all its projects and all the business incubation projects.

The Future: A Recruiting & Training Program/Service for Strategic Managers

We expect at the LDMF Foundation hat this training program will become later on a recruiting service for organizations interested into strategic management professionals with knowledge of PTT Know How and experience of application.

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The LDMF Foundation Announces the CXO Training Program being prepared to be launched in 2017.

AnnouncementsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-07-26 08:49:49

The LDMF Foundation Announces the CXO Training Program being prepared to be launched in 2017.

Qualification of employees for 18 Business Incubation Projects (2017) with innovative Technology and Know How in fields.

  • Gamification
  • A.I.
  • Strategic Management
  • Coaching
  • I.T. Applications
  • VR.
  • Health Care
  • Scientific Research & Technology Innovation
  • Human DNA Studies, Biotechnology
  • Life Span
  • Leisure
  • Travel
  • Preventive Intervention - Social Development
  • Global Sustainable Development
  • Economy
  • Security
  • Biohacked Gadgets

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For every human cell there are 3 microbial cells living within the human body. The human that appears to be one, is actually trillions.

QuotesPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-07-06 19:25:29

QUOTE by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

"For every human cell there are 3 microbial cells living within the human body.
The human that appears to be one, is actually trillions.

I wonder how decision making and conflict of interest are solved within this living system ?

If Microbial life would be intelligent and capable of thinking and communication, also of telepathy, would be the human thought human or microbial in its nature ?"

" "

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Was story telling a medium to share know how, algorithms, solutions, knowledge in ancient times? Do you know ancient stories with encoded knowledge ?

ProjectsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-07-05 14:10:33

Was story telling a medium to share know how, algorithms, solutions, knowledge in ancient times? Do you know ancient stories with encoded knowledge ?

Algorithms in Ancient Civilizations

How To Design and Algorithm Through Story Telling


Story Telling and Primordial Algorithms

A Search in the past, for hidden encoded algorithms in Stories (Story Telling)

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The Primordial Algorithms Game.

ArticlesPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-07-02 13:24:17

" How we perceive problems, influences on how we decide to solve them. How we perceive life, influences on what we consider to be a problem or an opportunity. How we solve problems, defines the path for our culture and civilization to evolve " Luis Daniel Maldonado FonkenMost of the organizations, companies, services and products in our modern times have been designed, created in order to solve a particular problem, or approach it from a particular perspective.
What i am about to share with you is that after the arrival of Apolo, the ancient Greek God, that brough the fire to humanity, apparently human cultures and civilizations have mostly solved their problems with earth, and fire. Earth as a symbol represents all that has to do with wealth and wealth generation. While fire, with all necessary for creative and transformative thinking, ideas that can change a situation and outcome according to our convenience.
As most of you readers now would eventually like to ask, where about the water ? Water represents all that have to do with emotions and vitality. Emotional intelligence has a direct relationship with the nature of water, its flexibility, as well its fluidity, when liquid and its capacity of being stable and solid as ice, or expand and reach every where like vapor. How many organizations, services, products and solutions inlcude water in our modern culture?
Holistic, Synergetic, Humanist, Visionary, FuturistAn algorithm is nothing else than a sequence of steps necessary in order to solve an issue. The design of an algorithm needs of a well grounded knowledge of the problem, challenge, and of a strategy, implemented as a sequence of steps, that would solve it.
In general we coudl tell that an algorithm is an strategic solution to any given challenge.
Apolo brought to humanity with fire the possibility to create strategies that are transformative, family clans became cultures and civilizations, empires. Ideas became technology. Property, of all kinds, became the foundation of wealth and wealth generation.
Yet in our modern times, the complexity of an emerging global culture and civilization is asking humans to become more self-aware, and for example, more self-responsible, when engaging into solution making, design of strategies, that would eventually destroy its own species, economy, culture or markets. For example the increase of burnout cases, seems to show an endemic global issue, that is beyond the field of depression, and emotional ability to cope with circumstances that overload human ability to engage into action, stand challenges, think, design strategic solutions and implement them successfully.
A primordial algorithm goes beyond the combination of emotional intelligence, perception, wealth generation and creative transformative thinking.
A primordial algorithm utilizes nature principles, laws, cycles, rhythms, the human potential and knowledge of ancient cultures and civilizations, with a futurist perspective, in order to solve any given challenge. The main idea is that if the solution to an issue is itself designed through holistic, synergetic, humanist, and visionary methods, the results will be more healthy for human individuals, their families, culture, society and civilization.
THE MATRIX-Q Intelligence
Along the research studies related to the design of primordial algorithms, developed by the researcher since 1993, it became clear that in order to solve challenges through an holistic synergetic approach, more than one perspective needs to be integrated into the solution and synch with any other one, whithin the operative design/strategy of the algorithm.
Creativie thinking, paralele thinkin where now enough. A new approach to perception, strategic thinking and management of a project (solution) had to be studied.
That is how the researcher identified a new form of intelligence, the Matrix-Q Intelligence is the sign of the ability to solve challenges by approching them from several perspectives simultaneously.
Matrix Perception, Matrix Intelligence and Matrix Strategic Thinking has been shared by the LDMF Foundation at the scientific Research Network, Research Gate and through its own publication platforms.
A simple example is that of the coordination and synch of multidisciplinary know how and team members insight, for the purpose of solving a challenge. Each discipline has a unique point of view of the issue and even a language and would suggest as wella unique solution with its own methods and tools. When more than 3 disciplines have ready a unidimensional (one discipline) algorithm, and the 3 algorithms are compared, the result may be alarming. Which is the capacity of individuals specialized in several perspectives/disciplinies, to come together and create a one single algorithm capable to integrate, include the harnessing power and knowledge, also technology of several disciplines?
A Matrix-Q test can be requested online to the LDMF Foundation since 2017.June.
In order to design a primordial algorithm, needs to be utilized Matrix-Q, Primordial Technology Theta (PTT) are tools, epistemologically designed with a Matrix-Q blue print. The use of PTT Tools enhances Matrix-Q and helps its users to create Primordial Algorithms for which Matrix-Q is necessary.
PTT Tools have been created by the researcher since 1999, and are able to utilize not only earth, fire and water, but 9+ elements, over 729 elements of design that A.I. would be capable to combined into a single Matrix type of strategy.
Yet, for human Matrix-Q, the results of our studies suggests that to start with 3 elements is already a challenge in terms of change of perception (from one element point of view, to 3 elements matrix view). The goal of the use of PTT Tools is to develop matrix-Q capable to utilize at least 9 elements in analysis, assessment of challenges and design of solutions.
The LDMF Foundation has created a standard, which will help know how developers,technology innovators, strategic managers, project managers, change managers, and social management leaders, to implement the PTT Technology and know how into their products and organizations.
The know how of Primordial Algorithms, Matrix-Q and PTT Tools, is now available to researchers from all around the world, technology innovators and entrepreneurs and it promises to become a catalyzer of the human and A.I. ability to solve problems, perceive them, identify them, transform them into opportunities for culture development and civilization advancement.
The A.I. research project on primordial algorithms developed by the LDMF Foundation is planned for 5 to 9 years, and will bring to the market a nonary system of computing, a new mathematics, new frame for algorithms design and several human intelligence enhancement programs that will help from kindergarten children to technology innovators, entrepreneurs and scientific researchers to apply Matrix-Q, and develop Primordial Algorithms.
The LDMF Foundation has launched in 2017.June the Primordial Algorithm Game, where entrepreneurs, scientists, technology innovators will be able to learn the know how, methods, and frame knowledge of Primordial Algorithms and PTT Tools needed for their design. Suggest their challenges and algorithms (solutions) earn points and prizes over 9 million EUR in value.
One of the main prizes for the future algorithm designes will be the incubation of their algorithm in the form of a company, product or service, to be introduced into the market, with the support of the LDMF Foundation, strategic management consultancy services.
At the LDMF Foundation we are grateful for the already 30+ scientists from all over and with several disciplines background, that have been registered with important challenges they wish to solve and a reat interest into learning on primordial algorithm.
In order to register into the game, candidates just need to suggest a challenge they wish to solve and send an e-mail to the LDMF Foundation.
Is a not for profit organization registered in the Netherlands, dedicated to technology innovation, scientific research, education and consultancy.

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STUDY CIRCLE ONLINE Primordial Algorithms Design will be synch with the Study Circle in The Netherlands

AnnouncementsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-07-01 14:01:01

Study Circle Online

Primordial Algorithms Design

The study circle in The Netherlands meet ups will be synch with the one online.

In order to participate in the ONLINE STUDY CIRCLE please contact me with a private message and schedule a skype interview.


Details about the study circle, and official study circles you will find in the following url.

In General, at the study circle you will have the possibility to share, discuss and study on case study, inlcuding present your own Primordial Algorithm projects to the attendees, receive multidisciplinary assessment/collaboration and enjoy from study circle coaching and advice, Questions and Answers, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The schedule and program for each meeting will be organized on advance, and published only for registered attendees.


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The Primordial Algorithms Game - 4 Challenges have been announced !

AnnouncementsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-06-28 09:58:26
The Primordial Algorithms Game - Challenges

4 challenges have been announced !

Will you take them ?

Plus points and special prices for the solo players or teams that dare to face them.

Design of Primordial Algorithms for the strategic implementation of the Primordial Economy in the 09 Levels of Strategic Risk Management

Design of Strategies, Tactics and Strategems for the Matrix 9+ Multidimensional Strategy Board Game

The Upgrade of Democracy

The Library of Alexandria

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The LDMF Foundation announces a research project on going, “ A futurist study on human potential: Matrix-Q and Eurasians. (Gamified Research Project) How human culture and DNA breeding can advance Matrix-Q Collective Intelligence Potential?”

ProjectsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-06-24 10:11:29

The LDMF Foundation announces a research project on going, “ A futurist study on human potential: Matrix-Q and Eurasians. (Gamified Research Project) How human culture and DNA breeding can advance Matrix-Q Collective Intelligence Potential?”

The project has been presented at the ResearchGate Network, (and several publications), questions and forum dialogue has started.


PTT Primordial Technology Theta, Primordial Algorithms, Matrix-Q Individual & Collective Intelligence, Ancient Cultures and civilizations in Eurasia, History of Eurasia and its Sustainable Development, Human Potential, DNA Studies, Human DNA Diversity, Human DNA & Matrix-Q Test, Biography,


Study of Human DNA Diversity (Breeding) & Matrix-Q Test Results ( REF: Matrix-Q Intelligence: Ability to solve issues by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously, LDMF Foundation PTT Know How)

The study focus on Eurasian Human DNA Breed: European and Asian breed (In the family tree of the subjects of study, has been found european and asian parents, binational parents for example), and their Matrix-Q

For purpose of study a search will be developed on notable, remarkable Eurasian individuals, and/or clusters, in the history of Eurasia. Collection of biographies. Matrix-Q Test.

Eurasian Volunteers will as well participate in a Gamified Study of Eurasians Matrix-Q: Use of games designed with the Matrix 9+ Game Generator PTT Tool, for the purpose of assessment of Eurasians. For example: The Matrix 9+ Multidimensional Strategy Board Game.

Eurasians Primordial Algorithms: Eurasian Scientists cluster participation in the game: The Primordial Algorithms. A pool of individuals or teams, with Eurasian DNA, that engages into Primordial Algorithm Design, study and application of PTT Tools for Primordial Algorithm Design. Matrix-Q.

Two main publications have been suggested as conclusion of the study:

Publication: 09 Levels of Impact of Eurasians in the sustainable development of Eurasia. A Matrix-Q History Report

Publication: Eurasians DNA, Matrix-Q & Human Potential (REF: LDMF Foundation, Human Potential Studies, 9+ Stages of Development)


Along the history of Eurasia, which is ancient as its cultures and civilizations, individuals with a mix of cultural and DNA origins have played a key role in the unfolding of historical events (sustainable development, political and cultural changes, military actions, science and culture).

While eurasians may have been perceived by traditional cultures as not-pure in their origin, for reasons of their DNA/Culture Breed an rejected or isolated. The natural reaction of eurasians have been to create, leverage, a place that welcomes their breeds.

Eurasians will have to work harder than "pure-blood" individuals in order to be recognized and “accepted" at their locations of origin.

Within this context, Eurasians have traveled and intended to create a life and recognition of their value at other locations. Their travels among Eurasia have been registered by local records or national, European or Asian Historians.

This research study is 3-Fold: 1.) Study of EURASIA as continent, with one single unified history and sustainable development challenges, its participation in a Modern Global Culture and Civilization, and the participation of Eurasians (Key Role play) in them. 2.) As well, Eurasians Matrix-Q correlation with their roles or remarkable abilities, played along the history of Eurasia. 3.) To finally integrate Eurasians in a direct study of their Matrix-Q through gamified Matrix-Q Tests (Primordial Algorithms Design, Matrix 9+ Games) integrated to the games and PA design process.

In modern culture a unique social phenomena has been observed, associated to the ability of a local culture to include eurasians; and the ability of eurasians to integrate themselves into their local cultures. A conflict, tension, between individuals with parents that belong to different cultures, blood lines, races of Europe and Asia, and the local “pure-blood” culture, has created a social dissociation issue, as well as another form of racism, for which binational breeding is perceived as un-pure or with less rights as citizen, even born in the same location.

The tension has been transferred from binational parents to their children, and to third and fourth generations or even longer.

This study intents to remark the value of DNA Diversity and cultural and DNA mix/breeding, as the soil for a new advanced human potential to be triggered or explored (Collective/individual matrix-Q). Human DNA Diversity increase through breeding of binational parenting,.

A futurist study on human potential, with the question on how human culture and DNA breeding can advance Matrix-Q Collective Intelligence Potential, and which methods can be utilized for the purpose of identification/activation of those skills, in particular how ramification can serve these aims. Given the fact of the EURASIA sustainable develop shows an intentional tendency of perceiving an Eurasian Union as a political and commercial strategy, eurasian individuals, breed of several ethnic and DNA sources from Europe and Asia, become natural citizens of Eurasia. The conflict of cultural and history references of the individuals is being solved, when eurasians bring together Europe and Asia with an enhanced Matrix-Q.


A Collaborative Joint Research Project has been announced at the Scientific Research Network RG by the LDMF Foundation dedicated to Eurasians.

Research Project

@ RG

@ Scribd

How to join?

Contact us for more details.

The LDMF Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to technology innovation, research, consultancy and education, registered in the Netherlands.

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Sponsor the Primordial Algorithm Game

AnnouncementsPosted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2017-06-14 05:58:11
Sponsor the Primordial Algorithm Game

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